Breeders of Future Dressage Stars

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2010 Progeny

Wolfingham Serendipity - Filly by Sir Donnerhall/Capone to be retained by the stud.

Wolfingham Shine- Filly by Svalidifari (Sir Donnerhall)/Whisper. SOLD

Wolfingham Shimmer- Filly by Svalidifari (Sir Donnerhall)/Ilkay SOLD to NZ

Wolfingham Slinky- Filly by Svalidifari (Sir Donnerhall)/Don Ramiro to be retained by stud

Wolfingham Dorado- Colt by Dalziel/Belcam Glascow SOLD

2009 Progeny

Wolfingham Seisouso- Filly by Sir Donnerhall/Capone to be retained by stud

Wolfingham Ethereal- Filly by Heathmont Echo/Medallion SOLD

Wolfingham Derry – Filly by Dalziel/Salute/Anglo SOLD

Dusty-  By Dalziel/Ilkay SOLD

Desire- by Dalziel/Belcam Glascow SOLD

2007 Progeny

Despite the gloom cast by the spectre of Equine Influenza we have safely foaled down three foals this year and finally a filly for our future breeding plans!

Wolfingham Wish- colt Whisper/Don Ramiro see Auction of the Stars page SOLD

Wolfingham Diva- filly Wolfingham Dalziel/Salute/Anglo see online video. To be retained by the stud

Squirt- colt San Rubin II/Medallion/SaluteSOLD

2004 Progeny

We had four foals for this season. Three by Whisper (Weltmeyer/Feiner Stern) and one by frozen semen to Don Schufro (Donnerhall/Pik Bube). The quality of our Whisper foals has been outstanding and all show remarkably quiet temperaments. Our biggest disappointment is that there were no fillies! Lucky for us our Don Schufro/Walt Disney foal was a filly and is truly international. She is set to become a top future broodmare. Enjoy the selection!

Wolfingham Whitmoor - colt Whisper/Don Ramiro  SOLD

Wolfingham Whiteley - colt Whisper/Salute/Anglo See online video SOLD

Wolfingham Willoughby - colt Whisper/Belcam Glascow

Wolfingham Donnatiesh - filly Don Schufro/Walt Disney Deceased