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Congratulations to Lorien Annear in her purchase of Whitmoor (aka Sooty). It was love at first sight and he was off to his new home in Victoria before we could blink! Quite a few tears were shed on his departure as he was a much loved member of our family. We wish Lorien all the best and look forward to updates on his adventures.

Whitmoor is a very attractive package clothed in black and sporting unusual white sabino markings and a silver tail. He has been under saddle since September 2008 and is extraordinarily quiet and progressing very well. For such a big horse (16.3 and 3/4) he rides with the balance of a much smaller horse and is very light and responsive. His big floating movement catches the eye of all who have met him. 

Sooty’s dam Georgia (Don Ramiro/Monopol) competed up to elementary level and has won me quite a few trophies before she and I went ‘in foal’. In her time she has beaten Heath Ryan riding Man About Town and Lizzie Wilson Fellows riding Gracefield Fabian in official competition. Georgia’s dam, Jerry Hall, competed under Shaun France to Medium /Advanced level also with a great deal of success. His half brother Jalapeno has scored 70% plus in official competition and Heath Ryan described him as being 'a very, very, very good horse....quite possibly a FREAK!' Sooty has also inherited this enormous presence and even more movement and is so, so, so trainable.

He has now attended a couple of competitions and behaved impeccably. So much so a number of people commented at how surprised that his first competition was the second time ever on the truck and off the property. He earned very glowing comments from the judges and many 8’s and even a 9!

He would suit the discerning professional looking for a mount to go FEI or even a young rider such is his temperament.




World Cup 1


Feine Dame

Feiner Stern


Wolfingham Georgia

Don Ramiro

Don Primero

Princess Chen

Jerry Hall