Breeders of Future Dressage Stars



The stud began as an adjunct to my passion for competing in the sport of dressage. It is apparent that in order to remain competitive in the dressage arena today it is almost a necessity to either be mounted on an import or frozen bred steed. To that end we chose to breed frozen semen foals in order to provide myself with new dressage mounts. Since I am by no means a professional rider but nonetheless a keen competitor, the prospective progeny also had to be of excellent temperament and trainability. My litmus test for the broodmares was therefore my own ability to handle and ride them. Never before has the world had such access to the very best proven bloodlines from around the world and it became apparent that those bloodlines are very much in demand. The stud was born!


To assist future owners all our youngstock are taught to lead and tie up and are rugged during the winter months. They are also have their feet trimmed, are wormed regularly as well as being fed correctly right from conception. All are immunised for tetanus and strangles. We believe this gives them the best chance at reaching their full potential in a long and sound career.


In the future we plan to offer broken, lightly competed stock- If we can hold on to them long enough! In the mean time we shall eagerly await the results from the owners of our oldest stock.